Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aisha’s Library?

It’s a catalog showcasing Islamic books and books representing Muslims that are available all over the world.

It’s also a Book Reviewing blog where parents can learn more about the books before choosing to purchase them.

Why did you start Aisha’s library?

I love kids books but have had a REALLY hard time finding books. There’s no easy way to find Islamic Kids books in one place. Also don’t even get me started on search engines and even amazon! I LOVE and its made my life so much easier. But countless times it DOES NOT show me Islamic books as easily it shows other books. There have been times I’ve typed the entire title, and it didn’t show me any results until I put the authors FULL name in it. With two books it didn’t show me results even with the entire title and author name, but surprisingly showed the link when I searched for it in google.

So I started saving pictures of the books I came across on my phone to refer to when I’m ready to buy them. But with thousands of pictures on my phone it wasn’t that practical! That’s why I put them on my computer and organized them according to topic. (LOL! I’m a homeschooling mom so I make units all the time). 

Anyways the main reason I started this project is to make it easier for people to find quality books around the world, and also as a reference for myself so I can refer back to my lists! 

Why did you start writing reviews?

My family and friends often ask me which books to get for their little ones so I started to write my thoughts down so next time I could just send them a link! 

Why are some books marked reviewed and some marked upcoming reviews?

The books marked with “REVIEWED” include a complete review. The books marked Upcoming Reviews are books that I own and are on my "to review" list and Inshallah I'll be posting a full review for them. 

Why do you have authors and illustrators?

I also believe in supporting Muslim Authors and Illustrators. That’s why I decided to have separate pages where I will be adding Authors and Illustrators, and their websites so you can go see what they’re up to and find updated news on their Social Media. 

My favorite author isn’t included in the list. What can I do?

It’s a work in progress. Right now we are highlighting the works of Muslim Authors and Illustrators. If your favorite author/illustrator isn’t included please email us or leave a message on Instagram @aishaslibrary

Why did you include stores?

Another issue I was having was- that once I found a book I didn’t know where to buy it! So I’ve included a list of bookstores according to countries. Many of them ship internationally, and I will Inshallah be adding more information on them.

Broken Links?

Please email us about the issue so we can fix it asap Inshallah!

I want to recommend a book to be reviewed.

Please email us the title, author and ISBN number.

I’m an author and want my book to be reviewed.

At this time, we only review hard copies of books. Please email us for more information

I want to submit an author's or illustrator’s introduction. 

Please email us.

Why do you have amazon icons on your books?

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Offering affiliate links (which adds no extra cost to you whatsoever) is a way to help us keep this website running. All that means is when you click through one of our links and make a purchase, we are given a small percentage of that sale which costs you absolutely nothing. Whenever you buy through any of our affiliate links, we are grateful and appreciative of your support.